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Overview on This Membership
When was the last time you were offered a membership that did not route you to videos? – with our membership, you have direct, one-on-one access to the trainer – over 16 years of freight broker training experience. You choose the topic or pose the question – I’ll strive to fulfill your needs.

Who Is This Membership For?
This membership is for new or relatively new freight brokers. If you are established and just seeking new ways to find loads, some of our material will be helpful but it’s best you just keep on doing what you have always been doing. Even if you have never been in trucking, you may excel as a freight broker IF you have the proper tools and the right mindset.

What Are Some of the General Topics We May Address?
This membership may be for the initial steps in registering a business name, for preparing the required applications for your broker authority, for learning some of the tools of the trade such as rates, negotiations, using load boards, recording and monitoring load activity, where to go to find loads (and where NOT to go), working with trucking companies, learning about legal constraints that you may face as a freight broker and, lastly, using industry resources to keep abreast of what’s going on.

What Specific Topics Can We Discuss?
We’ll provide a detailed list of topics that you may use as a starter for your talking points. You may deviate from the list. It’s wide open.

What About the Call-In Sessions?
Exact call-in session hours to be announced. Hours will fall between midmorning until late afternoon or occasional early evenings. Call-in sessions may last from 5-10 minutes to 30-45 minutes or so. Appointments may be set up – otherwise, spontaneous calls are accepted.

Who’s This John Thomas Guy?

John has been training out of El Paso, Texas for over 16 years with clients from across the nation and including Canada, Iraq, Kuwait, the Philippines and Okinawa. But John has been working with small business start-ups for longer than 16 years. As an accountant with a flair for marketing, John has consulted with small business owners with diverse types of businesses for about 20 years.

Training and consulting are my passion. Responding to and addressing your needs quickly as you begin or continue your business is my goal. John has all the necessary tools for you to succeed.

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During our one-on-one telephone consulting sessions, we may end up talking about …..

  • How to find a business name,
  • What type of business structure do you need?
  • What applications do I need to become a freight broker?
  • How do I get bonded or should I get a trust fund instead?
  • Which load boards are available for me?
  • How do I begin working with freight rates?
  • What can I expect when negotiating with shippers? With carriers?
  • What will shippers and carriers expect from me?
  • How do I get set up with shippers? With carriers?
  • Where do I find loads? Where do I want to NOT go to find loads?
  • How do I select motor carriers to move my customer’s cargo?
  • How much per load can I expect to make?
  • How many loads can I handle by myself?

Need Help?

I’m Ready – Let’s Get Started

For those who stay with the membership for 4 consecutive months, you’ll receive the training manual and handouts for:

Part 1 –
Session 1 – Getting Organized and Getting Your Freight Broker Authority
Session 2 – Essential Tools of the Trade

Part 1 takes you step-by-step through the process of getting your broker authority. One particular mistake on the DOT# application will cost you $600 at least. I’ll help you avoid that. You will also learn how to calculate and negotiate rates – it’s an art and a science. You will also learn about Load Boards and the different options you have. You may need to set-up “benchmarks” to measure your progress. It’s more than just looking at your bank statement.

For those who stay with the membership for 8 consecutive months, you’ll receive the training manual and handouts for:

Part 2 –
Session 3 – Finding and Working with Shippers
Session 4 – PreQualifying and Working with Motor Carriers

Part 2 includes several different strategies to get loads and how to approach shippers. You will also see the templates needed to prepare your shipper set-up package (included in the Handouts). It also includes details on the set-up package for carriers and the steps you must go through to prequalify carriers. It will help you learn how to avoid wrongful carrier selection that has cost some brokers millions of dollars. Learn what a database is and why it’s so important to create your own.

For those who stay with the membership for 12 consecutive months, you’ll receive the training manual and handouts for:

Part 3 –
Session 5 – Business, Credit, Financial and Legal Issues
Session 6 – Legislation and Other Related Legal Issues

Part 3 has a wealth of information related to extending credit to shippers and you extending credit to carriers. Not only credit but cash management, claims, accounting and record keeping issues are addressed. Plus, you receive fairly comprehensive materials on many legal issues that impact freight brokers, starting with CSA2010 and continuing on with current topics that continue to plague carriers and brokers such as HOS, safety fitness determination, the new food shipping mandate (yes, brokers can become liable), national carrier hiring standards, etc., etc.

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Your credit/debit card will be automatically billed $97 each month

Here is what you get in addition to the material in the complete training manual and handouts:

  • Industry Resources (you have to keep up with industry events),
  • Glossary of Terms,
  • About 40 Handouts and 20 Videos (most of these you will modify and use them),
  • Templates to prepare the Shipper and Carrier Set-Up packages (these templates are time savers),
  • Load Manager spreadsheets (record and monitor all your load activity – no expensive software required),
  • A 4-page Broker-Carrier Agreement (this is worth $800-$1,000 if you had to go to an attorney),
  • Load Confirmation templates for flat rate, rate per mile, piece rate, 100 cwt,
  • Sample Business Plan (modify it and make it your own),
  • Unlimited support (I’ll stick with you as long as you need me),
  • Plus much more …

Let’s do a review …

Your credit/debit card will be automatically billed $97 each month.

After you subscribe, you’ll receive a “Thank You” page in about 20 minutes if I’m in the office.

Monthly Subscription Payments Are Processed Automatically …

Setting Up a New Company? – I’ll Help …

You will need to form a new company for the freight brokerage. Even if you may have a trucking authority, a new authority for your brokerage is required and you’ll be authorized to broker freight in all 48 states. Get your brokerage company set up now, don’t delay – it may take a week or so before your new company is registered.

Be thinking about a business name and a form of doing business: LLC, sole proprietorship, partnership or whatever. I can help to some extent if you need help on this.

Get started NOW!

Your credit/debit card will be automatically billed $97 each month.

If you have any questions, please call me at 888-526-ATEX (2839), Or

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