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FMCSA and Government Overreach

Who the Heck ARE These Guys?

I’m referring to the guys/gals at ASECTT and MCRR. You know them – don’t you? If not, get to know them. They are working for YOU.

ASECTT is the Alliance for Safe, Efficient and Competitive Truck Transportation and MCRR is the Motor Carrier Regulatory Reform Coalition.

Both of these organizations are watch dogs on major legislation in trucking and related industries and, equally important, they have prepared a “regulatory agenda which has been presented to the agency” [FMCSA] with opportunities to reach out to members of the “new administration” who are concerned with “bureaucratic overreach”.


ASECTT supports regulatory reform:

  • The National Transportation Policy and the FAST Act both require FMCSA to consider the impact of major legislation on the industry.
  • ASECTT is joining with MCRR to form a more formidable coalition.

Some coalition key issues include:

  • Replacement of SMS methodology and the recent proposals of the National Academies of Sciences study.
  • A new audit format to allow the FMCSA to certify carriers as “fit to operate is fit to use.”
  • Eliminating guidance with a focus on existing regulations rather than rulemaking.
  • Providing due process in regard to safety ratings and relegating appeals to an objective third party.
  • Using an independent agency to administrate carrier data.
  • Using an adjudicatory body to interpret federal regulations.
  • Dealing with federal preemption of state laws, including “up-supply chain accident liability when using a carrier that is licensed, authorized and insured.”

ASECTT reiterates the importance of the FMCSA becoming a reliable agency upon which the shipping public can depend for working with carriers that are certified, fit to operate and fit to use.


Lastly, here is an important link:

Go to ASECTT’s blog below (1) to sign up as a member (free) where you will receive email updates, and (2) to donate to this important cause:

Alliance for Safe, Efficient and Competitive Transportation (ASECTT)

If you are serious about succeeding as a freight broker, you’ve got to understand some of these issues that ASECTT is dealing with. Some are a bit technical – read their messages anyway. Over time, you’ll get a good grasp on what’s going on.

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