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Acquisition of Knowledge Leads to More Market Clout

Acquisition of Knowledge Leads to More Market Clout

>> Court Rules Insurer Can’t Sue Broker in Fraudulent Carrier Case

Decision Hailed as Victory for Transportation Brokers

CLICK HERE to Learn About an Important Court Ruling

>> Reports of Double-Brokering Increase

Carriers, Brokers Work to Prevent Fraud

CLICK HERE to Learn More About Double Brokering

>> How GPT will have real-world business application in the freight market

CLICK HERE to Learn More About Artificial Intelligence

>> Insiders say Flock Freight is a ‘toxic dumpster fire’ with only months of cash left Mistrust of CEO, management runs deep among ‘Flockers’ amid layoffs

CLICK HERE – You Have Probably Seen Their Ads On Social Media

>> Trucking demand visibility is far more important than supply

Trucking capacity is relatively stable while demand is anything but

CLICK HERE – When It Comes to Trucks, Think Demand, Not Supply

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