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You Don’t Need My Training

You Don’t Need My Training

The business concept for freight brokering is simple – you first find loads, then you find trucks to move the loads and, lastly, you connect them and receive your commission.

Sounds simple — right?

Well, not so fast. Brokering is made up of doing a lot of detailed things and doing them in the right sequence and at the right time. It’s not a piece of cake if you are starting new.

But, as I mentioned, some of my clients have a good grasp on this. They don’t need me to hold their hand. But they feel uneasy going out on their own without any support.

This is where my Home Study program comes in. It’s the same materials as you would get with either my live training ($2,995) or training over the telephone and internet ($1,995).

Plus, you have 3 months of email support.

>>> Home Study – I’m Confidant and Can Handle This
on My Own for the Most Part <<<

The materials are comprehensive and step-by-step. You receive a training manual of about 135 pages printed out, about 40 handouts and about 20 videos.

Now, within the handouts you have a 4-page Broker-Carrier Agreement that’s probably worth $1,000 if you had to have an attorney prepare one for you. You don’t want a generic one that you can find on the internet because that’s all it is – generic and not adequate for what you will need.

Plus you have templates all ready to go where you will modify them with your name, DOT#, etc., etc. Most of these templates are for your set-up packages that you will prepare – one package for shippers and one for carriers.

You receive Load Manager Spreadsheets where you enter all your load activity that gives you margins for each load, for each shipper and for whatever time frame you want to choose. You do not need expensive software to start your brokerage.

Software is used for after getting your business established where you are managing a large number of loads, shippers and carriers.

You receive Load Confirmation Spreadsheets. These are more detailed than the general confirmations you will find in freight broker software that’s for sale on the internet.

The videos are valuable to help explain some of the spreadsheet handouts that you will be working with.

All of this plus much more is with the Home Study program for $1,295 and you won’t find any other option like this in the marketplace where they provide the training manual, handouts, videos, limited support and the “kicker” I mention below.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of creation are packed into these materials.

Here’s a kicker – if you order the Home Study any time BEFORE August, 2021, I’ll help prepare your set-up packages – one for the shipper, one for the carrier. You must have your brokerage company registered and have your DOT# for the brokerage.

Go here now below to order your Home Study program. If I’m in the office when you place your order, you will have a link sent to you within 20 minutes to download the materials. Otherwise, you’ll get it as soon as I’m back in the office.

>>> Home Study to Fast Track You Into Brokering <<<

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