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Think You Need Expensive Software?

I used to install software in hospitals and loved it. Software can help you do good things very quickly. On the flip side, software can help you do dumb things very quickly too.

My advice to new brokers is to hold off on software especially if you are not real fluent with learning new computer stuff. There is ALWAYS a learning curve.

Instead of running out there and buying freight broker software, make the effort to prepare for it. Build a spreadsheet first. For example, setting up spreadsheets to collect customer and carrier information as well as other relevant load information will help you think it through based upon what YOU want.

So you might say I don’t KNOW what I want or need. Fair question and I was there at one point as well. Good software will help by already having forms, data fields and reports set up.

But, depending upon the particular software package, it may not give you everything you need. For example, in addition to collecting basic customer and carrier data, I like to keep track of profit margins – for each load, for each customer AND cumulatively for the entire year for all loads.

Will your software do this? Or will you need to make a download to spreadsheets? Another concern – will your software calculate margins for 100 cwt or 50 weight loads? Some don’t.

Take a look at this screen shot below of a partial shipper database spreadsheet. It’s simple – nothing to write home about. But, from here, you can confidently begin building info into your software.

And if you want to invest in a $39 database software package before spending thousands, you will learn this in our training. Here is the spreadsheet – give it a few seconds to load.

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