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The Economy and Jobs Growth Rate

The growth of our economy affects nearly every individual living in the USA plus it has repercussions world wide as well.

There has been some good, measurable economic advances over the past several years. And in my video, Cargo on the Move

I mention several areas where economic growth has taken hold and, in some cases, mushroomed beyond imagination.

There is a huge demand for labor in certain boom areas, paying wages in excess of $75K. For some entry-level jobs, you can start out at $10-$15 per hour.

Yet, nation-wide, jobs are lacking. THIS, in my opinion, should be the number one issue in the upcoming Presidential elections. The most recent monthly jobs report indicates that 215,000 jobs in July (2015) were added to the economy.

This is not bad – but it is far short of what is needed to stimulate consumer confidence and more economic growth. Some individuals report we need to be adding jobs in the 300,000 to 400,000 range.

No one seems to know why jobs are badly trailing economic growth. Normally, the two go hand-in-hand.

According to a Forbes magazine article, “The U.S. economy has averaged 3.3% annual growth since the end of World War II.” According to The Kiplinger Letter, growth over the next year will average about 2.7% and could top 3% by the end of the year (2014).

Going back to the Forbes’ article, the author states that “When the American economy is not in recession, 4% growth is the norm.” He further states that “It is a moral imperative to get the U.S. economy back to 4% growth.”

With the upcoming Presidential elections, we, the American people, are going to get all sorts of “side shows”.
Several such side shows include a focus on “income inequality”, “global warming”, big government solutions among others. Advocates will try to divert attention away from important solutions that drive the economy and increase jobs. We should be focused 99% on opening up economic and job opportunities.

A good JOB is the best recipe for an ailing, unemployed person.

Here is some food for thought: The bad weather for the first three months of this year (2014) has taken its toll on any hopes for good economic numbers.

But things will kick in. There’s a lot of pent up demand. Are you ready?

Now go back up to the top and check out my video again, Cargo on the Move, to get a quick glimpse on things going on in the freight and logistics industry.