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“Three Obstacles to Overcome
BEFORE You Get Deep into the Woods
in Starting Your Freight Broker Business
– and I’ll Show You How”


Date: Saturday, January 22, 2022
Time: 10am Pacific, 11am Mountain, 12 noon Central, 1pm Eastern
Via Zoom: I’ll send you a link to join me – you do NOT need a Zoom acct
Duration: About 30 minutes


(Please print this page and tape it to your wall so you can refer to it)

How to Prepare for this Session

Step One: Mark this date on your calendar now. Saturday, January 22, 2022. Make every effort to remind yourself (we’ll send a couple of reminders). Expect your Zoom invitation to arrive in your email box about 5-7 minutes before start time. We’ll start promptly! Remember, you do NOT need to have a Zoom account beforehand.
Step Two: Print this entire page or two. Don’t accidently delete this email that will keep you from learning how to prosper by getting off on the right foot.
Step Three: Use your computer, hand held phone or tablet.
Step Four: A general study guide will be emailed prior to the meeting. Use it to take notes.
Step Five: Take care of all necessities before sitting down for the Zoom Class.
Step Six: Suggestion: do some homework first by going to my website at

Some Do’s and Don’ts
Do come prepared to learn
No background noise
No speaker phones
No three-way calling
No taping
No music on hold