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Rapid Recovery Response (RRR)

RRR “Rapid Recovery Response” Means Crazy-Like Training Discounts for YOU!

I’ve encountered a number of interested individuals who plan to take freight broker training but have been holding off due to the bad effects of of government shutting down the economy. Some of you have been hurt and I can afford to slack off on my fees to get you fully trained as soon as possible.

Folks, the virus ain’t gonna last forever and the sooner you get prepared for the surge the better.

I’m slashing my training rates 50% for the rest of the month of April 2020.

For the live training in El Paso, Texas or in Hobbs, New Mexico, the RRR training rate is $1,497 (reg. $2,995).
For the telephone and online training, the RRR training rate is $997 (reg. $1,995).

50% Discount Flyer

“Freight Broker Training Discounts”

Freight broker training discounts

There are no other discounts and I’m going to stop offering these RRR rates on May 1, 2020.

Full payment is due upfront for whichever training option you choose.
You’ll receive the training manual in electronic format and for the live training, you’ll receive a fully printed out hard copy.

One important item: in order to do the applications for your broker authority, you will need to have a company registered. I’ve got a flyer here below for you to download and get started on. It may take a week or more for a business registration to become effective.

Be thinking about a business name and a form of doing business – sole proprietorship, LLC, partnership or whatever.