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New Freight Broker Home Study

How high up in the pyramid are you?

After having completed over 16 years of freight broker training and getting hundreds and hundreds of individuals into the freight broker business, I sometimes ask myself – “Why have all these people come to me?”

It’s humbling for sure. And, it forces me to try and answer this question above.

Over my many years of training, I’ve run across plenty of honked-off truck drivers and I feel compelled to try and find out more about their predicament.

Now, I’m not famous; you won’t read much about me outside of my website and no one has asked for my autograph ever since I was in my college ROTC singing squadron, performing at an all-girls high school – but I do have a good following with my email list.

So, one day I tried to nail down the answers to “Why? Why do they come to me?”

Here’s what I came up with:

People have basic needs that usually take priority over others. These basic needs are related to food, clothing and shelter. This makes sense, right? A little higher up the “needs” pyramid are the fulfillment of needs related to health, family, employment and stability.

And, bingo!

Right here in the second rung I’ve identified a general category of needs as to why people come to me to learn how to start and succeed in the freight brokerage industry.

Employment, stability, family – these are some of the primary drivers that move people to take action.

Then I asked myself another question, “What is it exactly that clients are seeking?” After training hundreds and hundreds of people – after speaking with about 5,000 others on the phone – this is what I’ve concluded based upon what others tell me:

Clients want me to:

  1. Help them connect the dots,
  2. Help them avoid making big mistakes,
  3. Help them create a step-by-step action plan, and
  4. Help them avoid going in circles

Once clients master these steps, they become more confident, more effective and – yes, ready to make some big bucks.

Not to oversimplify the process, but confident and effective clients understand that all that is required is to (1) make phone calls, (2) take orders, (3) find trucks (4) pay trucks and (5) invoice customers.

Then it’s rinse and repeat over and over and over again.

It may be difficult for some to understand that a lot of money can be made by just mastering these simple processes. Yet, some people – for whatever reason – are afraid to envision being really successful.

My friend, if you lack the confidence or think you don’t have the time or money to perform these steps, then you may find yourself continuously running toward the East looking for the sunset.

I’ve recently completed a low-cost Home Study program. The first offer in the program is the Freight Broker Start-Up Guide that goes into detail as far as learning WHAT you need to do to become a freight broker.

If you choose this initial offer, you’ll be given at least one other offer to acquire the materials that enable you to actually enter this industry – the “HOW TO”. These are actionable worksheets and links. The final offer includes documents that, once modified, give you everything you need to run a successful brokerage.

This Home Study option is ideal for individuals who may be uncertain about becoming a freight broker.

The entirety of my Home Study is a fraction of the $3,000 cost that people pay for my live training in El Paso or the $2,000 cost that people pay for my telephone and Internet training. And, yet, you receive the entire content of these more expensive programs PLUS email support.

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Be sure to read about the full money-back guarantee on the initial offer.