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Building Your Business – Part 1

When you begin to build your freight broker business you are usually treading on new ground. You are trying different things to get started. You monitor and record the results of your effort. Then you tend to zero in on one or several strategies.

Sometimes starting out, however, you may feel uncomfortable in the new ground that you are treading. This is normal. Other times, you may be uncertain about what path to take. This is normal too.

With most business start-ups there are seldom one or two exact routes to success. In fact, with most start-ups, there is no absolute assurance of success. The tactics that you employ may or may not bear fruit.

That’s why we teach several different strategies for finding loads; instead of asking, “What is the BEST way to find loads,” ask “Let’s find out how many different ways are there to find loads?”

Franchise options like restaurants, especially, may be an exception and may offer more probability for success than non-franchised companies because, with franchises, there IS a comprehensive set of procedures that one dares not to change or ignore. Why?

Franchise blueprints have a track record from, perhaps, hundreds or even thousands of other similar units. This is true for many franchises but not all. Anyway,

Some of the beginning problems in freight brokering are:

  • Not knowing where to get started

  • Not knowing when to rely upon others and

  • Not knowing how to monitor your results.

One tactic that can be useful starting out is to check out your competition. You can do this simply by using the Internet. Do you have something of value that THEY are not addressing?

You can actually learn how to broker freight on your own. It will take time – a lot of time; but it’s an option. Most people want to get on track quickly, however.

Whatever approach you use, you might want to sit down and decide how you want to proceed.

So, by using a combination of talking to others (even the competition), doing your own research in libraries or the Internet, you might just be headed for starting a business that will endure for generations.

If you want to get on a more fast-track to getting started, consider the benefits of training via telephone and Zoom OR live training right here in El Paso, Texas. You can be calling on shippers in as little as 30 days or so after starting training.

There is no better time than now to get started. Here’s why …

Things have slowed down since the covid situation has slowed down. Rates have been lousy for a year or more. In my opinion, THIS is opportunity because everything goes in cycles.

Getting prepared to broker freight now may be better than waiting until you get in on the tail end. For sure, it’s going to take months to build a database of carriers and THIS is what shippers need. They need you to help find trucks.

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