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2-Day Freight Broker Training – Q & A

How will this 2-day training be conducted?

After you make the initial registration to Atex, you will receive an email with a link to download the training materials for Day 1. Then, 21 days after you make your initial payment, you will be automatically charged for the final installment. You will then receive the training materials for Day 2. The two payments and the two days of training will be 21 days apart.

What if I can’t make the training on the days you offer. How often will you be offering this 2-day training?

It all depends on demand.

How many others will be on the group call?

I’m going to limit training sessions to no more than 2-3 individuals. It will not be a large group. My goal is to allow interaction.

So, this 2-Day training at a discounted price will cover EVERTHING that’s included in the live training that people pay $3,000 for?

Yes, that’s right. The only difference is that you will prepare your own applications for your broker authority using our detailed instructions and a video from Part 1 of our training manual.

What if I don’t have time to do my applications by myself? Then what?

We can assist with these applications for a separate fee. The fee will be less than $200 and we’ll guide you via telephone and Internet, using the materials from our training manual. We’ll do the applications first of all for your MC/DOT#s, then your BOC-3, then the UCR. We’ll direct you to a good resource for your trust fund/surety bond.

So, what applications are needed for the broker authority?

Your first task is to get a business name, decide on a business structure and get the business registered with either your Secretary of State or the County Clerk. After you have your business registered, you’ll do the applications for the MC and DOT#s, the BOC-3, the Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) and your trust fund or surety bond. Resources for all of these are included in Part 1 of the training manual.

What if for some reason I can’t or don’t make the second installment payment?

21 days after your first payment installment, you will automatically be charged the second installment. If the second installment does not go through, the only option is to make payment later (plus $75) and you will receive your materials for the second session – but you will miss the second call-in training session.

How many hours for each day of training?

Training will begin at 10 a.m. each day (Mountain Time) and go up to six hours. There will be a 30 minute break about half-way through.

So, you’re saying we can ask questions?

Yes, absolutely, questions are encouraged; I do reserve the right to insist “We have to move on”, if necessary. (There is a lot of material to cover).

Can my spouse/partner join in?

People other than those who are signed up can be in listen mode only – no Q & A for them.

For this telephone/online training, what if I have to cut out early? Can I make it up later?

No, if you miss out, you miss out. You will have Q&A support for six months. You still will receive the training materials – manual, handouts and videos.

First, get in front of your computer and you will call-in about 5 mins before class time. Have your favorite beverage with you. Have a pen and paper ready for notes. DO NOT HAVE ANY BACKGROUND NOISE, MUSIC OR ANY TYPE OF INTERUPTIONS. I and others will be able to hear you. If you have to go potty real bad during the session, do so and get the heck back quickly.

What information will I need to do the application for the MC and DOT #s?

(1) You will need to have your brokerage registered as a business with either the Secretary of State (for a regular Corporation, an LLC or a Partnership or the County Clerk’s office for a sole proprietor). (2) You will need to have either an Employer ID or social security number. (3) If you have had ownership with a trucking company in the previous three years, you will need that company’s name and DOT#. (4) You do not want to co-mingle a trucking company with your brokerage – two separate businesses and two separate authorities.

Do I have to come out of a trucking background to be successful in brokering?

Successful freight brokers probably come from a variety of backgrounds. A trucking background may help, but, perhaps more importantly for success is how good is the broker at running a business.

Do I have to take any exams to become a freight broker?

No, there are no exams. Freight brokers are required to get their broker authority which involves four separate items none of which requires an exam.

I cannot come up with the $75,000 for the surety bond or trust fund right now. What do I do?

We direct you to a financial service that specializes in freight broker trust funds and surety bonds. They are considered the best in the industry. They will put up the $75,000 and you may have the option to pay quarterly installments or so much upfront for the entire year at a discount. Quarterly installments may run as low as $995. I have fifteen years’ relationship with this company and they treat my clients very well.

How can I get started on registering a business and its name and prepare for the surety bond/trust fund application?

In the Handouts, you receive step-by-step instructions on taking care of these items.

Why should I train with you and not someone else?

My clients are looking for an interactive business relationship – they are looking for someone they can come to long after formal training is complete. You will not get dropped or ignored after I collect your money. In fact, this is just the beginning.

Do I work on my own during any Freight Broker Training?

Yes, you will need some time on your own to absorb the information (there is a lot of it). Freight or Truck brokering involves many procedures and you should review the materials throughout training to reinforce what we have already gone over. And you will use the materials as a resource after formal training as well. A few people, definitely not all, start moving loads before training is complete.

When formal Freight Broker Training is substantially finished, will I know everything I need to actively work as a freight broker?

Yes. If you apply yourself and study the materials and procedures, you will know what to do, when to do it, how to do it and why you are doing it. Then, once you actually put to use what you have learned, you will build more confidence with each day. Actually, in brokering, you usually learn something new every week or every month for years.

Why would I consider or select a freight broker vocation over any other?

First, there IS a high income potential in this business after you get established. Second, your overhead costs are minimal. Third, the start-up costs are minimal. Fourth, if you provide good service and pay your drivers on a timely basis, you will get repeat business. It’s the repeat business that will catapult you to success. Fifth, your business can be home based. Sixth, you will build many rewarding and satisfying relationships over the telephone. Plus much more. Your feeling of exercising control and of completing transactions will be a thrill that only truly independent people experience.

What are some of the negative factors to consider before I enter this business?

As a service business, you need to give yourself time to get established. You will then need capital to cover your basic living expenses until you get established. Also, it takes time and effort to find shippers who pay well and who are really enjoyable to work with. Then, there are many trucks out there, but it is sometimes difficult to find a truck when and where you want them. Lastly, it gets very hectic at times – phone calls, faxes, interruptions, etc., etc. It takes a lot of effort and perseverance to succeed in this business.

What materials will I receive and when can I expect them after I place my order?

You will receive an email, sometimes within 20 minutes if I am in the office. The email will contain a link and a password. The link will enable you to download the eBook training materials. They will not work on MAC computers. Once you open the eBook, you will have access to the entire training manual plus the handouts and video presentations. The handouts are in either MSWord, MSExcel or PDF format.

What can I expect from your Freight Broker Training Program that I might not receive from other training?

You can expect honest and upfront information BEFORE you begin. You may even want to talk to the trust fund provider BEFORE you spend a nickel on any training. You can also expect comprehensive, detailed, nuts and bolts, step-by-step instruction with whichever training option you choose. You can also expect to reap the benefit of John’s 25+ years in business and accounting, working with established and small business start-ups. The sample business plan included in the handouts as well as the cash flow templates are extremely valuable. They can even be used for other ventures outside of Freight or Truck brokering.

Why don’t you provide for any refunds?

My materials are sent in electronic form and are not returnable. They are considered proprietary, intellectual creations. Further, there is a lot of information on the website plus other related materials, either free or low-cost, that enable a person to make an informed decision as to whether any of the programs are for them or not. This is not a “try it and see what happens” type of business.

If you have any questions, please call us at 888-526-ATEX (2839) or send us an email to:
info at atexfreightbrokertraining dot com