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Alliance for Safe, Efficient and Competitive Truck Transportation


This message is in regard to regulatory changes in the motor carrier industry, especially in CSA2010 and their scoring and rating system. There is a group of attorneys (and others) who have taken a strong stance (lawsuit) against some of the new changes coming out of the FMCSA.

If there is ANYONE who makes his or her living in transportation, freight, brokering, forwarding and other related logistics’ positions, you need to pay attention to what is going on in these industries.

What we are fighting here is “regulatory over-reach” and premature applications of law without proper rule making. Here is the website you want to bookmark:

Alliance for Safe, Efficient and Competitive Transportation (ASECTT)

One of the main drivers of this effort is Henry Seaton of Seaton & Husk, LP. He is a real force representing small trucking companies and their interests. We go into more detail about Henry in our Transportation Broker Training.

The largest and most established freight broker association is Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA). TIA states that their membership also includes trucking companies. Yet, TIA is content to let ASECTT ask all the hard questions (and do all the hard work).

This is not how a professional association is supposed to represent their membership. Yet, TIA has neglected or deferred some important duties and created other interests related to cornering the market on selling surety bonds.

Essentially, TIA is a paper tiger and is not the best entity to represent their membership – especially the smaller brokerages and truckers. Here is a recent message sent by the ASECTT – one of the current “work horses” standing up for the rights of small and large entities:

Dear ASECTT member:

Attached is a copy of our Comments regarding “Proposed Enhancements to the Motor Carrier Safety Measurement System (SMS) Public Web Site,” Docket No. FMCSA-2013-0392. We included some new peer group analyses which further reinforces our conclusions that the agency’s grade on the curve methodology is fatally flawed and cannot withstand an objective evaluation of its merits. Hopefully we have reminded the agency that its proposed PR campaign ignores material issues which must be addressed.

We want to thank our members who contributed their time and assistance in presenting this collaborative effort.

I am also attaching the Comments filed by the ATA and OOIDA which have come to recognize that the methodology is fatally flawed and should not be published, as well as the Comments offered by the TIA which, while less critical of SMS methodology, are generally supportive of our position.

If the agency believed that this limited opportunity for notice of comment would be a predicate for acceptance of SMS methodology in the rulemaking to be announced late this Spring, we believe it will be disappointed. Most of the comments were generally critical of publication of SMS methodology and its renewed PR campaign.

Going forward, further data mining will be necessary to show that SMS methodology is not an accurate predictor of safety and cannot be touted as a replacement for the objective evaluation of carrier performance under which each carrier can pass or fail based upon its own merit.

In light of the continuing effort of Plaintiff’s bar to use SMS methodology as a weapon to embroil shippers and brokers (the beneficiaries of truck regulation) in negligent selection lawsuits, we ask for your continuing financial support and encouragement.

Thank you,
Tom Sanderson
President, ASECTT

Lastly, ASECTT needs your donations. If you can spare $10 or more or even $5 for a cup of coffee, it would be money well spent for a great cause. Do this on their website here: